About Us

About US

FenPro is a trusted American company dedicated to making Fence Slat products that help your fences work as hard as you do.

FenPro is a new company and we’re 100% dedicated to building a reputation for bringing our customers the best quality products possible.

For us it’s simple: being excellent makes sense. We want to deliver the highest level of service imaginable in every aspect of our business. Starting from scratch with the raw materials that go into our products, all the way to our warranty and after sales service, we go the extra mile.

We respect the importance of new ideas, so we’re always trying to improve what we do. Other Fence Slat manufacturers would say our investment in innovation is a waste, but it’s that drive for improvement that puts us ahead of them.

It’s that same motivation that brought us the revolutionary TruTech Advanced Plastic™ that we use to make our products stronger, more durable and better value for our customers.

Fenpro premium fence slats


Providing products that help you to get the most out of your fence is what FenPro is all about.

We take this mission very seriously. Every day, our small but dedicated team works hard to improve the functionality, appearance and installation of our Fence Slats.

We got our start by thinking that even though chainlink fences are almost everywhere, they don’t do their job very well: they look ugly, they give no shelter and because you can see through them they don’t improve security all that much. We took it on ourselves to find an economic and efficient way to make fences do their job better. Our fence slats provide some really great solutions but we’re still trying to get even better.

We built FenPro out of a passion for solving practical problems for hardworking Americans. Today, we are just as driven as ever to lead the Fence Slat Market in product and service.

TruTech Advanced Plastic™

All our FenPro Fence Slat products are made from TruTech Advanced Plastic™: a unique, modern material exclusively available to FenPro.

TruTech Advanced Plastic™ is made of a powerful combination of pure virgin resins, premium concentrated color pigments and Triband UV inhibitors that give the material incredible durability, consistency, tensile strength and appearance.

The unique combination of High and Low Density Polyethylene resins and plastic additives is what gives TruTech Advanced Plastic™ its molecular structure and unrivaled material integrity. Because of this, TruTech Advanced Plastic™ makes stronger and more durable Fence Slat products than was previously possible.

TruTech Advanced Plastic™ gives you Fence Slat products that sustain their strength and look amazing for years and years.